What Does the Job of a Bartender Entail?

A lot of people assume that the job of a bartender is to just serve beer, wine, vodka, and other mixed beverages to people. But, here’s what you need to know. Though the main job of a bartender is to prepare drinks and serve them, the task is more complex than you think it is. A bartender needs to have the skill to manage all the orders, know the recipes of the entire drinks menu, and should be accurate each time he or she prepares a drink. This list is compiled will surely give you a broader insight into the duties of a bartender, as specified by leading bartending training schools like emploi Bar à Montréal.

It does not matter whether you are talking about a bartender in a restaurant, bar, club, or a hotel. The duties of a bartender remain the same. Only the crowd differs. If you are considering this as a career option, you need to be aware of what the job of a bartender entails. Here’s a closer look into the responsibilities of a bartender.

Greeting the Customers and Socializing with Them

The first thing a bartender has to do when a customer arrives at the bar counter is greet them. Greeting every customer with a smile on your face will create a good impression. A bartender needs to maintain a friendly and social relationship with all the customers he meets. It is important to know if the customer needs anything and make them feel comfortable.

Check the ID cards of the Customers

Every country has a legal drinking age limit. There may be many teenagers who might try their best to look older just to grab a drink or two. A bartender should check the ID cards of the customers before serving them.

Remember All the Recipes and Serve Drinks of All Types

The main chore of a bartender is to prepare drinks and serve the customers. He has to remember the recipes for all the drinks mentioned in the menu. A bartender may encounter people with different taste every day. They have to know all the recipes. They also hold the responsibility of replenishing the stock and cleaning the bar counter regularly.

Work as a Team Player

There are bars and restaurants that have multiple bartenders to manage the crowd on the weekends. A bartender has to work as a team player with the other co-workers. They need to listen to one another while working in a team

Make Sure That People Don’t Over-Drink and Process the Bill

Another responsibility of a bartender is to make sure that people don’t overdrink. It can be a problem if someone over-drinks. A bartender needs to manage the crowd efficiently. They also need to manage the cash and billing procedures.

A bartender’s job is usually based on a shift schedule. Though the pay is lesser than other job roles, they get a lot of money as a tip. It all depends on the behavior and efficiency of a bartender.