The seven points that make a novel worthy of reading

The only goal a young novelist has is to come up with great ideas to sculpt a read-worthy novel. The following points must be considered to know what makes a good novel:

  1. The dramatic content of the story must be impeccable: mystery, surprise, amusement and thrill are valuable inserts in a story to keep the reader hooked. There must be characters that the reader can be attached to and should not compel him/her to put the book down. A good novel has different kinds of characters and ideas to lead the story t conclusion.
  2. Prose should have several beats: short, crisp and clear sentences provide an appearance of confidence in the writing style. They help keeping the pace of the story and set the mood for the next chapters. Overlong sentence tend to stretch one notion that leads to boredom for the reader.
  3. Characterization: characters should have unique personalities that leave a lingering effect on the reader’s mind. This will keep the reader intrigued and interest him to know their whereabouts. Distinctive appearances should be added to make the character memorable.
  4. Subplot: the reader becomes invested in characters if subplots are introduced to support the storyline. They should be immersing enough so that the concerned character can reach its ultimate destination without beating around the bush too much.
  5. Premise: the characters and story should be in sync and relevant to the reader. The characters should have personalities according to the environment they inhabit. Intricate details should not be missed because it creates depth for the character and arc of the plot.
  6. Beginning: the beginning must be gripping and interesting enough to make the reader continue their experience with the story.
  7. Readers to be completely engaged in the story: the polished language, crisp information and original characterization keep the reader immersed.

The above points can give a brief idea about what makes a good novel.